Katherine and Bill: Engaged

Katherine and I have been talking via e-mail and phone about her wedding preperation for months now, but I didn’t get to meet her and Bill until our Sunday evening engagement session at Lake Fairfax and Reston Town Center in Reston, Va. I am a people person, but there is always a slight nervousness that comes with meeting new people. I imagine there was nervousness on their end too, especially as I was about to have a camera in their faces for the next two hours, but Katherine, Bill and I were chatting, laughing and capturing these moments within in seconds of meeting!

We got to know a lot about each other in those two hours, and it honestly flew by so quickly! I hear this quite a bit, but in one of our “get to know you” emails Katherine had mentioned that they may be awkward or it may not feel so natural to pose for a camera. I hear this A LOT  – but they truly we’re so easy to work with and get great images! Within minutes they were just being themselves together and THAT is what makes great pictures. I loved hearing Bill say “this isn’t bad at all” about 10 minutes in!

This is a sweet couple, y’all. They were so kind to me and to one another. They looked at each other with warmth and admiration. Katherine has been such a sweetheart to work with and I have to give Bill props for his cooperation – most guys are over it by the first hour, but Bill stuck by Katherine and never once showed and ounce of the “lets get the pictures over with” emotion that tends to break the surface. I am even more excited to spend their wedding day behind the camera documenting the love story of this sweet couple!

Katherine and Bill,

July will be here before you know it! Thank you for choosing me to be a part of this time in your lives. It has been so great to get to know you two and I am truly looking forward to your wedding day. I hope the time between now and then in sweet and slow and cherished. Congratulations!


Andrea & Hunter: Engaged

Andrea and Hunter – I don’t even know where to start. The beginning is usually a good suggestion, so lets go back a bit. I have known Andrea for pretty much my entire life. We were introduced through our home church, and her cousin has been my best friend for eternity, so my family and hers have intertwined for quite a long time! Growing up, Andrea started out as “my best friends little cousin”, but as time went on and we were together in dance classes, family gatherings, church plays and singing groups, she became more than my best friends little cousin – she became my friend. One of the best adventures Andrea and I had together was serving in Guatemala on mission trip. I have so many memories growing up with her, and all of them have one thing in common – lots of laughter. Andrea has never failed to make me (and most people around her) laugh. If I dug through all of those memories right now, you’d be here for a while. This day with Her and Hunter was no exception! We laughed our way through this shoot, and though it had been a while since Andrea and I had been together, this did not change!

Hunter has been a familiar face for years as well, but this shoot was actually the first extended period of time that I had spent with him, or them as a couple! I was living out of state when they started dating, but the wonders of social media made it very clear that Andrea and Hunter were on a beautiful path that led them here! As soon as we hopped in the truck to head up the mountain to one of our shooting locations in Piney River, Hunter was talking to me like we had been friends for as long as Andrea and I had been! I’m a fan of conversation (most of you know..), so getting to immediately dive into who Hunter is and who they are together made this day so much fun.

On this day I “got” a lot. I got the proposal story (ask Andrea how she ruined it…or ask Hunter if he cried..then ask Andrea the same.). I got to laugh with an old friend and laugh with a new one. I got shocked (twice) by and electrical fence – Gotta get that ring shot, ya know?. I got stuck in the mud in a creek, but luckily Andrea had brought wading boots with her, so I was safe. I got images that will last these two a lifetime and hopefully bring back memories for years of this time in their lives – the start of their life together. Most importantly, I got to witness a sweet friend be in love. I got to feel joy for her.

Andrea & Hunter, I am so honored to be a small part of this journey you two are starting together! I hope you have fond memories of this day. I hope you remember Who holds your lives together and honor Him in every step you take. I hope you look at how in love you are in these photographs 30 years from now and think “well that was nothing compared to how I feel for you now!” Congratulations, friends! You are so loved.