Charlottesville Homecoming

When DeAnne contacted me about photographing her daughter, Delaney, for senior homecoming, I did not expect the story that was to follow! It’s ridiculously cute and added so much excitement to this session. Delaney’s family was vacationing at Virginia Beach this past summer and while swimming in the ocean she met a boy. *swoon* Delaney told me he taught her how to surf and they spent the next few “days in the waves and nights on the boardwalk” as DeAnne stated. Vacation came to and end and Kyle (afformentioned boy), returned to his home…in OHIO..and Delaney and her family returned to Virginia, both never really expecting to see each other again.

As we all know, there are a million ways to keep up with each other these days and that is precisely what Kyle and Delaney did. They have been in touch every day since they met and formed such a special relationship. Delaney wanted Kyle to be able to accompany her to her senior year homecoming at Charlottesville High, and she got her wish. Kyle FLEW FROM OHIO to attend the dance with Delaney and take these portraits with her (good move, Kyle. Am I right?!?).

This session was so sweet (and nostalgic..I loved high school – weird I know – and it was fun to be in the midst of that again.). Kyle and Delaney were PRECIOUS and so caring toward one another. It was so obvious that what they have built since the summer is very unique. Some of Delaney’s friends from school came to join the shoot with their families at Boars Head Inn (which is a BEAUTIFUL location as you’ll see below!). It was such a pleasure to meet the Tharp family and capture such a sweet story. Delaney is as sweet as she is beautiful, and is it just me or does Kyle look exactly like actor Grant Gustin who plays The Flash?! They sure did look like a movie!



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