Andrea and Hunter: Married

I have photographed weddings for people I “know” before, but this was different. I have known Andrea for the majority of my life. She was probably 2 or 3 when we first met at church functions and family birthday parties. She grew up just a few miles from me. We have so many memories together and a friendship that has seen many years and seasons. This wedding was a a bit more personal to me than most and when Andrea asked me to photograph her and Hunter saying “I Do”, I had no idea that I would be sitting in a room with a great group of girls before Andrea walked down the isle crying tears of hope and joy for my sweet friend as they prayed over her. She was (and is) so happy and it was tangible.

These images will help us all remember that truly wonderful day, but there are a few words and moments that I will honestly never forget. Andrea gave Hunter a journal before the wedding and I think she filled it 2/3’s of the way with notes to Hunter. He patiently read through every word quietly, until one page – I don’t know what it said – when his eyes teared up and his voice cracked as he said, “She got me”, followed by sweet laughter. Hunter wrote a letter for Andrea as well and when she opened it she said, “He never writes this much!” Andrea read it quietly in a room with me and the videographer while making good use of her new monogrammed handkerchief, and when she finished she looked up teary eyed and shrugged her shoulders a little. I looked at her inquiring what that shrug meant and she replied SO honestly and sweetly, “I just can’t believe this is happening. It feels too good to be true.” It is true, and I’ll never forget it or the complete joy I felt for her in that moment.

I have to remember that you’re likely here for these pictures, not for my longwinded recollection of the day, but guys, it was SUCH a good day. I remember the joyful exclamations and “Whoooos!” when Andrea declared that she was getting married outside rain or no rain. I remember how it rained ALL day until the sky perfectly cleared up minutes before the ceremony started and not another drop of rain fell. I remember how Hunter was so ready to marry his bride, so much so that he exclaimed, “I WILL.” after the first line of Pastor Jeffrey’s “Do you take Andrea..” charge (there were several more lines to go). I remember giving the camera a rest for a minute and dancing with my best friends. I remember a coffee date months ago where Andrea and I sat and talked for hours about life and God and planning and family and marriage, and we both cried and thought forward to what this day would mean. I don’t think either of us foresaw the perfection that it was. I don’t use the word “perfect” lightly, but it’s the word Andrea has used repeatedly since the conclusion of that day, and if it was perfect to her and Hunter, then I will use it with pride.

Hunter & Andrea, your wedding was unforgettable. I’m so happy I could witness the start of your life together, and I am so excited that you two get to take it on with each other, and more importantly with the God you have included in your wedding day and in your life. Something you both know well is that life is not perfect. On the days of life that don’t live up to the sheer perfection you experienced this September, I pray that you two will be each others stream in the desert and that you will look to the One who joined you. What God brought together let no man separate. I love you and hope these images help you hold on to every piece of your wedding day. Congratulations once again, friends. ❤

Here are a few of my favorites from the day! There is a link at the bottom to see the full day!






I love this picture because I told Hunter to say something sweet in Andrea’s ear and he proceeded to sing the lyrics to Whisper….”hey Lil’ Mama lemme whisper in your ear”. Needless to say, that is a genuine laugh!




















































To view Full Day’s Gallery click here!


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