Basic Invite

As you may have seen on my page last week, ran a feature on me as a photographer on their blog (Click here to check it out!), and I wanted to share a little bit more about what my partnership with them entails! Everyone needs what offers at some point or another – wedding, party or event invitations, baby announcements, stationary, place cards, gift tags, business resources and more! I am so pleased to be able to offer an ongoing discount with this company, especially since my business serves a lot of the people in the same realm. By partnering with, I can offer a 20% discount site wide on any and everything that basic invite offers as well as free shipping!

With EJR Photography’s personal discount code: EJRPHOTO, you can take advantage of this discount and simultaneously support two pretty great businesses! 😉

I hope you take the time to check it out! Also, check out the blog post on their site that is featuring photographers from all over! I got to combine writing, another passion of mine, with some of my favorite images for their blog post. Below is a little snippet of it, but see the whole post here!

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

– Em

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