The Duff Family 

The Duff family… 2 members stronger than they were just a couple years ago! It’s so amazing to me how time changes so much, but I am very grateful that it hasn’t changed my relationship with my forever friend. Taylor and I were kids running around cow fields and making up dance routines in the basement and all of a sudden she has this little family with Cody and they have created these two little people that they prayed SO fervently for –  that I prayed for – and I can’t believe they turn 2 this year!

We did an Easter shoot on Taylor’s birthday this year, and I’m so happy to share these photos. They really are a beautiful family. Like most families, they have kids that sometimes cry, they have times that test their patience, they have moments that aren’t picture perfect – they have moments where they need grace. The good news is, they have it. Easter, the resurrection of our savior, made sure of that.

Notice the “He is Risen” on the twins outfits? Pretty dang cute, right? P and H don’t quite know the importance of what their cute little outfits portray – but I do, and more importantly, their parents do. Taylor and Cody will mold them into the people they will become and the truth that is printed on the tiniest of t-shirts will guide them in doing so.

Tay and Cody,

I love you, both so much! I love your little monsters (even when Harrison is mean to me). I’m grateful to feel like I am a part of your precious family. I am thankful for every moment I spend with y’all, even when it is accompanied with the challenges of getting two 1 1/2 year olds to look my way at the same time.

I’m so proud of the parents that you are. I’m not a parent, so in all honesty I can only imagine the challenges that it brings, especially with the two for one deal you guys got – but from where I stand, I think you’re pretty great. (But if it gets too much and you want to give me Penelope, it’s fine. I’ll take her) 😉

I love you guys so much. There is so much love in and for and around your family. I know jobs and kids and to-do lists make this one busy life, but give me the kids for a night and take some time for yourselves! You deserve it.

All my love,


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