Willow: Prom

I distinctly remember thinking about these moments when Willow was little. I thought about this little red headed six year old and how one day she would be a teenager – one day she would be a woman. I wondered what she would look like when she was no longer a little girl that I had to make sure got a bath at night and got up for 2nd grade in the morning. I wondered what type of sense of humor she would have. I wondered who she’d fall in love with. I wondered what she would be like when she was more than my little sister – when she was my friend. Well, friends, here she is. All 5 foot 10 inches of her, and she is beautiful and smart and funny and one of my favorite people. Photographing her and her friends for their senior prom was very cold and very windy but so worth it when looking at these images. I love you, Willow Mina! ❤️






2 thoughts on “Willow: Prom

  1. Emily you did such a beautiful job of these prom pictures. I hope their prom was as nice as your pictures. Willow and her fiends look excited hope they had a great time. She looks just so beautiful. Keep up the good work !!!!!


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