I remember the exact moment Manda girl and I became best friends. Typically, a friendship happens over time, but there was a distinct moment for us. I think it was about 15 minutes into the first time we really hung out. I remember both of us declaring that we were pretty sure we were gonna be best friends, and then we hugged – which turned into a nearly 7 year running joke about our height difference (9 inches…no big deal). It sounds like a very girly and juvenile story of two “BFF’s 4 Life”, but it has been and become so much more than that!

I have runny-nose ugly cried in her room while she’s prayed with me. I have laughed harder than I ever have over a joke that neither of us even said, we just knew. I have been encouraged by her and, hopefully, an encouragement to her over the years. She talks with me about Christ and the deepest parts of my heart. She talks with me about why mauve fingernail polish is probably the best choice for me this go round at the nail salon. She talks with me about everything, and she listens intently.

I love looking back and seeing that we have been a part of the best and worst seasons of each others lives, and the thing that remains is a friendship that tests time and all circumstances. We are unique, and I am so thankful.

Photographing your best friend is easy when she looks like this, but it’s also easy because we have so much fun shooting together! We spent this day in greenbrier park in Charlottesville, Va sporting some target goodies (which is SO appropriate since we shouldn’t be allowed in there together due to bankruptcy upon leaving). I’m so happy to share these photos with you and a little bit about why I am thankful for this forever friend.

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