The Bookers: Nashville Wedding

My first trip back to Nashville after I moved to Virginia was to shoot a wedding for Talia and Cortney – the now Mr. & Mrs. Booker! From the moment Talia hired me early in the year she has been nothing but a joy to work with. We met in a Starbucks for our first meeting, and I loved the fact that Cortney came with her! The brides tend to run she show where photography is concerned, but Cortney was by her side from the start.

The had such a sweet ceremony at Schrader Lane Church of Christ, where Talia tearfully met her groom, exchanged vows, and assembled a unity cross with two sections and three pins to represent the two of them becoming one held together by the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I loved seeing this unity cross assembled again, as it brought back memories from my sisters wedding almost exactly two years ago where she and her husband did the same.

I think one the most memorable part of this day was Talia’s father daughter dance with her dad, Henry. She laid her head on his shoulder and just cried as they danced to “Dances with My Father.” I had to stop and just watch for a moment.

So thankful to be allowed to capture these moments for Talia and Cortney!


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